• 30. september

    Vonj pu Istre 2017

  • 30. september

    Vonj po Istri 2017

  • 30 of september

    Scent of Istria 2017

  • 30 settembre

    Profumo d'Istria 2017

About the event

Authentic Istrian event

“Krkavče – Scent of Istria” (Krkavče – Vonj po Istri) is a true Istrian event, which includes a presentation of the village of Krkavče, its inhabitants, customs, cuisine, products and animals that were once an indispensable part of the village life. It will take place on Saturday 24 September, on the name day celebration for St. Michael, the patron saint of the village of Krkavče.
The main event will be held on the wonderful and unique village square in front of the church, which lies on live rock. A stage and stands that will offer authentic Istrian dishes such as garlic soup, corn minestrone, ‘bakala’ with polenta etc. will be set up on the square.


Rich stands, countless articles, ONE EXPERIENCE!

Along the road that leads to the village square you will find stands where mainly locals will offer home-grown and carefully crafted traditional delicacies that have been the village’s trademark throughout its history. In addition to the stands with home-made products one will also find on display the so-called theme stands. They will showcase traditional Istrian customs (Istrian musical instruments, clothes, etc.) and souvenirs, drawn up by the hardworking hands of young Krkavče firefighters.



7 fairytale adventures neatly packed into 3 guided tours!

Since the village of Krkavče is known for its various tourist attractions, visitors will be able to visit the church of St. Archangel Michael, the very village of Krkavče, the Istrian house ‘Vrešje’, etc. Buses will take you on a tour of the oldest Istrian olive oil mill, the Krkavče Stone, the Istrian ‘Boskarin’ ox and to the park of indigenous Istrian animals.



"Cooking in an Istrian Way"

A cooking competition for pupils of local primary schools in making Istrian recipes. The judges will be composed of renowned culinary professionals, including Sara Rutar, this year winner of the reality TV show MasterChef Slovenia.

STARTS at 10:30



The Todaj is not my day play will be performed by the pupils of the Elementary school Šmarje pri Kopru. The dramatization of the tale is also enriched with some music and dance pieces. A 30-minute play. Screenplay by Nataša Bodlaj.

STARTS at 13:00


Food of the gods

Visitors will have the opportunity to personally see how the search for truffles unfolds. During the presentation they will learn everything and then some about finding these valuable and most cherished underground tubers, which have historically earned the name ‘food of the gods’.


After decades of absence this tradition is back!

After last year, when we brought back this Slovene Istrian custom – plowing with the ‘Boskarin’ ox – for the second consecutive year, we will show how plowing was done right at the place where our grandparents did it a before us. It will be carried out the same way and with a real, beautiful white Istrian Boskarin ox.

STARTS at 15:00


"Let's Sing Together"

The main and final part of the event will be the cultural program, which will be held in the village square in front of the church. You will hear incredible local singers sing Istrian songs, and folk groups in ‘Šavrini Hills’ traditional costumes will dance to the rhythm of the Istrian music. On the stage will be Elda Viler, Rudi Bučar, Krkuča Kunekšon, …

STARTS at 17:00